Set yourself up for success and become an expert on the mortgage process! Please scroll through our video library of educational mortgage 101 videos. These educational mortgage 101 videos cover mortgage points, closing costs, mortgage myths, appraisal shortfall, the difference between preapproval, prequalification, refinancing, and more!

What are mortgage points?

Have you ever wondered what points in a mortgage are? In this video, Christina Jasper breaks down what points are and if you should be paying points on your loan.

What is the Closing Cost when buying a home?

Watch this video as Christina Jasper explains all the elements that go into closing costs when buying a house. Closing costs are broken up into two categories fees and escrows.

The 20% Down Mortgage Myth

You do not need to wait to buy a house! You do not have to save 20% down. In this video, Christina Jasper breaks down mortgage insurance and the benefits.

What happens when your appraisal comes in short?

Learn about appraisal shortfall from Christina Jasper. As she explains what happens if your house appraises under what you offered for the home. How much money do you now have to bring to the closing table?

What is the difference between preapproval and prequalification?

Have you ever wondered why getting a prequalification over a preapproval makes a difference? When you are trying to compete in a competitive housing market. In this video, Christina Jasper breaks down the differences and what each brings to the table.

What not to do during the mortgage process?

There are certain things that can postpone your closing on a new house. Watch this video as Christina Jasper goes into detail about everything you need to be aware of when getting a home loan.

Should you refinance your home?

Have you been wondering if you should refinance your home? Christina Jasper breaks down the reasons why you should and should not refinance your house.

Should I get a renovation loan?

Have you ever fallen in love with what you see on HGTV? In this video, Christina Jasper explains one way of how you can make your HGTV dreams come true.