Types of Refinancing

There are two types of refinance: rate and term (this is when you refinance just your loan balance) and cash-out refinance.  Once you go through Christina’s 360-degree strategy call to understanding your financial goals, we will figure out which plan is best for you.  As long as interest rates are low, debt is a financial tool, not just a mortgage.  You can use a refinance to not just lower an interest rate.  You can use it to:

  • Consolidate other high interest debt
  • Finance a child’s college tuition at a lower interest rate than student loans
  • Fund an underfunded retirement
  • Improve monthly cash-flow
  • Finance a much needed renovation to the current home
  • Provide down payment for an investment property or second home
  • Any other cash needs

Mortgage Tools

Click the images below to enter your loan specifics and gain useful information as you make your decision!