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Past Client Reviews

Susam Reed

Christina is very enthusiastic about finding the best loan for the customer.

Matt Sandbank

Christina Jasper and the team were marvelous to work with! They proved themselves, every step of the way, to be knowledgeable, organized, competent, and kind. As first-time home buyers, my wife and I felt very grateful to have a lending team that was not just interested in securing us a loan, but also had our overall financial well-being in mind!

Johann Duran

The best of the best 100% recommended!!!!

Kristopher Brown

My wife and I were about to give up on buying our first home. Our current mortgage company had made some colossal errors, and we were about to lose our contract and lose a chunk of due diligence until we got introduced to Christina. By day one, an inspector was in, by day 3, underwriters were looking at the deal and by day 10, everyone had everything they needed for a clear to close on day 14. My wife and I closed with hours to spare, and I am still in shock five months later. When her office staff took worried calls from my wife, they were gentle and sweet to her. I've been fortunate to have experienced miracles in my life, but this one nearly tops them all, and the one phrase I can think of to describe the entire experience was "Divine Providence."

Carr Cody

This company really guided and helped my wife and me secure the mortgage rate that worked best for us. We have really appreciated them and would gladly work with Christina again!