Christina Jasper took an unconventional path to become a mortgage guru. She graduated from NC State with a Mechanical Engineering degree, spent many years in commercial design and construction, and then decided she needed a change. Christina moved into financial planning and loved coaching clients in creative ways, guiding them through all stages of their lives. Now in the mortgage world, she uses her financial background to help her clients think holistically about how their mortgage best fits into their overall financial picture.

Christina will work to provide the mortgage that best fits her client's short and long-term needs while sharing foundational financial planning advice that guides them long after the mortgage process is completed.

Christina Jasper’s role is more similar to that of a coach. By sharing foundational advice that sticks with her clients long after the mortgage process is complete. She encourages her clients to see a mortgage as:

  • A wealth-builder
  • Cheap debt that can be leveraged
  • Lastly, she challenges them to think differently about home buying. Debt is to be viewed as a tool.

Christina Jasper’s comprehensive approach in which a mortgage is viewed in relation to the other elements in a client’s financial portfolio. Restructuring and consolidating debt is critical.

Christina Jasper

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Christina Jasper sees herself in a long-term relationship with her clients. She has honest conversations with her clients, touching on life choices and the thinking behind those choices, unlike cold and clinical data-driven transactions. Christina thinks the mortgage process can be warm and fun. “I truly care and don’t think the process needs to be stressful. I want my clients to know that it’s about so much more than the mortgage.” She has built a team in which each member can focus on their strengths, ensuring the entire mortgage application and execution process is smooth, efficient, and painless.

Christina tries to keep up with her three high-energy children when not coaching her clients. She and her husband love to crash at every Air BNB the east coast offers and sample all the local Durham restaurants. Lastly, she hopes to find time for her meditation practice (and fails miserably).

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