Christina Jasper

Divorce Mortgage Specialist

Christina Jasper, with the Jasper Group at American Security Mortgage, graduated from NC State in Mechanical Engineering, started off in commercial construction, and then decided she needed a change. She moved into financial planning, and though she loved coaching clients in creative ways, she wanted to serve more families at all stages of life. Now in the mortgage world, Christina has become a divorce mortgage specialist and uses her financial planning background and personal experience to help her divorcing clients think holistically about their financial picture and how home equity can be used as a tool. 

Christina’s role is more akin to that of a coach, sharing foundational advice that sticks with her clients long after the mortgage process is complete. She has honest conversations – talks that touch on life choices and the critical thinking behind those choices. As opposed to cold and clinical data-driven transactions, Christina thinks the mortgage process can be warm and fun.

Divorce Mortgage Specialist

Steps To Truly Helping You

During our strategy call, we will review three items to help and empower you while you are going through a divorce. Christina will go over your new budget and connect you with a financial advisor. Secondly, she will review your long-term goals. Thirdly, she will provide personalized options if you should stay in your home, do a cash-out refinance, or if you should decide to sell your home.

Budget Long Term Financial Goals Stay Or Go


Long Term Financial Goals


or Go

Want to listen to honest conversations from women who have gone through a divorce and are experts in their field?

Listen to this podcast episode from The EX-IT Strategy today! Christina Jasper gust stars with a local realtor as they discuss everything about going through a divorce and real estate.

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"We worked with Christina Jasper and her team to buy our first home we had an amazing experience! They answered all of our questions, were available and responsive any time we needed them, and were generally extremely communicative, professional and friendly. They kept us informed through every step of the process, which we really appreciated as first time home buyers. Christina was always able to discuss our questions in depth and walk us through any paperwork that we were unsure about. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking to buy a home in the triangle area!"

— Allison Frost

"I am very thankful to have had Christina and her team help me when buying a home. They were knowledgeable, professional, and there when I needed them. They patiently walked me through the entire process and were quick to provide assistance wherever I needed it. Their kindness made me feel like I was working with family. I would highly recommend using the Christina Jasper Mortgage Team!!"

— Stacy Lyons

"Christina Jasper was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the 2 years I spent shopping around for a home. She was informative, thoughtful, and encouraging, sacrificing even her own opportunity for the sake of my best interest. I cannot recommend her more. She is also one of the most pleasant people to work with. I hope I can work with her again in the future! Her team was also very responsive and helpful."

— Merritt Chesson

"Christina and her team were incredibly friendly and responsive. They laid out for us exactly what to expect throughout the whole process. They made an otherwise convoluted and often stressful process easy!"

— Tim Schmidt