The mortgage journey can be a confusing path, but it doesn’t have to be. We have broken down the mortgage journey so that nothing will surprise you during this process. We will work closely with your realtor and other financial team members to make this process smooth for you. If you have any questions during this journey, please contact us. If you are a first-time home buyer or want to learn more about what to expect check out Fannie Mae’s first-time home buyers class NOW!

The easiest way to start the mortgage journey is to fill out our online application today!

  • Start

  • Submit an Application

    Apply in just a few minutes on our online secure website portal. Try to fill out as much information as possible; we can always go back and change information if needed.

  • We review your documents

  • Virtual Strategy Meeting

    Virtual strategy meeting with your loan officer. They sit down with you to create a custom mortgage strategy to fit your financial goals.

  • Prequalified

    Upon qualification, you will receive a letter to provide to the sellers, showing you are a qualified buyer.  There are three different types of pre-qualifications – reach out to us today to learn more about which will best suit your needs!

  • Preapproved through Underwriting

    This step is not required but recommended if you want your offer to be competitive. This will make you more competitive with sellers because you are showing them your commitment, and you have already taken the extra step to get pre-approval for most of the underwriting process! Usually, buyers don’t start that process until they are already under contract.

  • Start Making Offers

    Work with your expert realtor to start making offers on your new dream home. If you know before the weekend what houses you are going to tour, let us know so we can give you address-specific pre-approvals for you to use to make an offer with. Watch this video to learn what not to do during the mortgage process. 

Your offer has officially been accepted!

  • Under Contract

    The seller has accepted your offer. Now it’s time for us to start working our magic behind the scenes. Download this PDF to see what not to do before you close.

  • Loan Locked

    Your mortgage rate is locked and won’t change. Your mortgage rate is set based on the markets that day.

  • Loan Estimate

    You will receive a breakdown of your loan right now. These numbers will update as invoices arrive and the attorneys complete their audit for compliance. When you sign the loan estimate it just means you have acknowledged the document. To learn more about the breakdown of a loan estimate check out our loan estimate explainer on our website.

  • Order Appraisal

    We will order your appraisal to check if the surrounding properties support the offer price. If you are worried your appraisal will come in short, check out our appraisal shortfall video now!

  • Initial Underwriting Review

    Our processing team will audit your file and we will let you know if any new/updated docs are needed to refresh your account before submitting it to the Underwriters. Don’t worry if they come back needing more information or documents during this time. It is completely normal.

  • Final Underwriting Review

    After the underwriters send back the file, our processing team will do the 2nd audit to see if the underwriters requested any updated docs/signatures before final submission. I know it is a lot of documents, but it is better to have too many to avoid any delays in your closing.

  • Clear To Close

    Our fantastic team verifies all documents and assets.

  • Closing Disclosure

    This is your preliminary closing disclosure or CD. It shows a breakdown of your loan right now, while the attorney completes their final audit. When you sign the closing disclosure it just means you have acknowledged the document. To learn more about the breakdown of a closing disclosure check out our closing disclosure explainer on our website.

  • Closing Call

    Recommended, but not required! We like to set up a quick zoom call to go over any questions you may have and go over FAQs to help prepare you for closing day.

  • Loan Funded

    You have gone to the closing table, and all parties have signed all the documents. The documents take a few hours to be recorded. Go out and grab a bit to eat or a drink because you can’t get the keys to your home until after the documents are recorded.

  • First Follow Up

    At the Jasper Group, our clients are clients for life! After closing, our team will be following up and sending an FAQ to get you ready for the first mortgage payment. Did you know you get to skip the first month’s payment? We will also ask for you to leave us a Google review!

Check out the amazing team that is behind your mortgage!